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01. Mar 2015 

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A friend is one, that understands

your past, believe in your future

and accepts you to day, as the

person you are.




Don´t try to understand me -

just love me.




Acceptér mig for dén, jeg er -

også selv om jeg er forskellig fra dig.




NEJ giver et kortvarigt ubehag, -

mens - et JA kan få uoverskuelige





Mødre holder deres børn i hånden for en tid,

men deres hjerte for evigt.




Kindness is for the heart -

what the sun is for flowers.




Friends are the family, you chose yourself.




LOVE MEANS - never having to say, you are SORRY

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You have to care.
Tekst: Jette Falster

Why am I sad?
That is too bad.
Why do I carry my ?trash can? on my back ?
there really must be some lack.
I need to start positive thinking ?
others start drinking.
Tomorrow I will start the day with a smile
and suddenly in a short while -
I will see, that the world is smiling to me -
and I can feel happy and free.
Look in a little childs eyes,
you see no fake or lies.
Take that look with you every day
the only thing, I can say
is: ?Tell your loved ones, that you care,
that you appreciate, that they are there,
that they mean at lot to you,
and that you hope, they love you too?.
Give your friends big hugs
carrying never sucks.


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