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A friend is one, that understands

your past, believe in your future

and accepts you to day, as the

person you are.




Don´t try to understand me -

just love me.




Acceptér mig for dén, jeg er -

også selv om jeg er forskellig fra dig.




NEJ giver et kortvarigt ubehag, -

mens - et JA kan få uoverskuelige





Mødre holder deres børn i hånden for en tid,

men deres hjerte for evigt.




Kindness is for the heart -

what the sun is for flowers.




Friends are the family, you chose yourself.




LOVE MEANS - never having to say, you are SORRY

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R. Poetry, that I like
See this lovely poems combined with very nice pictures
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 07.08.05 (7 billeder)
Q. Sandsculptures in Copenhagen
These lovely sculptures are made in sand by a lot of artists from all over the world.
Showing lots of fairytales of H.C.Andersen.
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 07.07.05 (14 billeder)
P. Photos from my work at Haslev Private school
Photos from different activities at the school
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 02.07.05 (30 billeder)
O. Middelagemarkets
One of my favorite hobbies, which I share with my kids, are living in the Middelage.
Relaxing, no stress and a lot of nice people.
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 25.06.05 (30 billeder)
N. My others interests (some of them wild)
FIREWALK (Light your fire)
Spirituel- and personal courses.
IQ-EQ-SQ- training cources.
Music and singing
Provoking the fears away.
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 11.05.05 (30 billeder)
M. Encaustic Workshops
My teaching in Encaustic-wax-painting different places.
Pictures of me and my pupils.
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 11.05.05 (26 billeder)
L. Diverse Bannere, Signatures and map to find me
If you want to make a link to my Website, you can use one of these two banners.
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 05.03.05 (19 billeder)
K. Photos of lovely flowers and other things I like
I love taking pictures of flowers and nature.
Although we try hard, we can never create such beatiful things as Mother Nature can, when she is showing her nice side. When she is showing the other side, as with the Tsunami, we would hope, that we could control her. But we can´t.....!!
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 27.02.05 (146 billeder)
A. My Art - Encaustic wax Paintings
Pictures/cards made with wax and iron/stylus.
See the technic on The Encaustic Gallery (
I have my pictures on several International Galleries:
Most of the pictures are made as cards (A6-format) - the bigger ones are marked with size.
If you should find a picture you would like to buy, please contact me.
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 26.12.04 (128 billeder)
B. My Art - Oilpaintings
I paint in oil with my fingers - never using pencil.
Listens to music, that fits my mood and see what comes up.
Never having anything planned and it gives me great satisfaction putting my thoughts into painting.
Most of my oilpaintings are sold or given away as presents.
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 26.12.04 (19 billeder)
C. My Art - Acrylic paintings
My pictures made with acrylic
Most of them are A4 size.
Most of them are for sale, some of them are sold.
A part of them are hanging in KVAKSALVERS clinic.
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 26.12.04 (44 billeder)
I. Pictures of favorite persons in my life
Gallery of persons, that means and have meant a lot to me in life, except for my sons.
Will be updated, when I get pictures of everyone.
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 26.12.04 (87 billeder)
D. Drawings to personal cards and some collages
I am drawing a picture of what you want for your personal card
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 19.12.04 (21 billeder)
F. Photos of my TFT-work
Photos from the places where TFT has made sessions showing this fantastic therapy-form
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 19.12.04 (21 billeder)
J. Greetings - two lovely Mandalas made for me - photos of beautiful flowers
The Mandalas is made of a very skilled encaustic friends of mine, and dedicated to me.
Some of the photos are taken in my own garden - others are taken by a good friend of mine Gudrun Plötz.
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 19.12.04 (21 billeder)
E. Photos from my Exhibitions and Press-articles
Exhibition in Scandic Finance
Exhibition in Café Kliinker in Haslev May 2004
Exhibition in Daddy´s Pizzeria in Haslev August - Oct. 2004
Demonstration of Encaustic on The Blue Market in Haslev
Opalmessen in Ringsted 12.-13.03.2005
Krystalkuglens Messe in Køge 09.- 10.04.2005
Exhibition in Café Klinker in Haslev July 2005
Exhibition at Café Paraplyen in Haslev November & December 2005
Exhibition at Haslev Rådhus (Town Hall) January 2006
Article about TFC in FEMINA - week 4 2006
Having some of my pictures in KVAKSALVERS clinic.
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 19.12.04 (88 billeder)
H. Photos of my two lovely sons and Maj (my family)
Different photos of my two sons -Jesper (26) and Jakob (24) and Jakobs sweet girlsfriend Maj.
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 19.12.04 (82 billeder)
G. Photos of "The person behind this homepage"
Several photos of Jette alias Qreativ.
If you search on GOOGLE under Jette Falster, you will find a lot more about, what I do, from other Websites.
Af Jette Falster (Qreativ) den 18.12.04 (83 billeder)

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